About Us


Who we are

Welcome to Garden Buildings Direct, a brand of Kybotech Ltd. We can appreciate that in a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to choose an outdoor building product, so why not take a few minutes to learn what sets us apart and why Garden Buildings Direct is the right company for you.

The company has been established within the outdoor building and leisure products industry since 2000. A family run business, Charles Walton has helped guide the company from strength to strength.

Our first and foremost responsibility is to our customers. We exist and strive to develop quality, innovative products which our customers will enjoy.

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Our core values

Our Why At Garden Buildings Direct, we strive to promote an outdoor lifestyle by enabling our customers and community to explore and define their own outdoor spaces.

Our Progression Our products must not only consider the environment, but the needs of our customers. In order to remain at the forefront we must be fearlessly proactive in creating a sustainable and garden loving culture.

Our Vision In everything we do, to be true to our goal of bringing garden buildings to life, giving everyone the opportunity to love the outdoor space they are in.

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What you can expect

At Garden Buildings Direct, our aim is to create a garden lifestyle that excites through our unique, in house design team. We design, manufacture and deliver all of our wooden buildings directly from our factory in the UK.

Alongside our in-house design team, we invest strongly into state-of-the-art production facilities allowing us to ensure that everything leaving our warehouse meets the highest standards.

Our aim to continue to engage with our ever growing community. That's why we share our customers' garden lifestyle stories across our social media platforms.

Get in touch

To share your garden lifestyle with our community or to explore our customers' stories, please feel free to be a part of the journeys on our social media platforms.

We endeavour to provide the best customer service to our customers. Please feel free to visit our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page to check if your query has been answered by our customers.