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Overlap cladding is the type of cladding you’d see on a typical garden fence. The bottom of one horizontal board is nailed to the top of the next one, making the panels overlap.

Overlap sheds are great for storage. However, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in your shed, you may want to opt for a tongue and groove alternative, for insulation purposes.

Overlap sheds are cheaper to purchase than tongue and groove or shiplap sheds, and provide a good natural water drainage system, due to the slanted nature of the boards which allow droplets to run off easily.

Whereas overlap cladding is slanted in appearance, shiplap can provide an entirely vertical wall. Shiplap works in a similar manner to tongue and groove, whereby the upper panel fits into a slot in the lower panel. But unlike with tongue and groove, they’re not held in by force, and instead have to be nailed together like overlap.