Insulated Cabin Advantages – Why You Need an Insulated Log Cabin

insulated log cabin interior
Our first ever insulated cabin – The BillyOh OutPost Insulated Building

Wood is deemed to be a natural insulator and exhibits thermal properties. In most cases, timber provides natural warmth – varying with the thickness of logs used. But here’s the thing, even thick logs aren’t enough to fend off harsh winter temperatures. Thus, wooden garden buildings, including log cabins, require insulation to reach their maximum potential all year round. Now, you may wonder why insulating your log cabin is necessary. Well, it turns out that there are a number of insulated cabin advantages.

In this article, we’re going to break down the importance of insulation, including the BillyOh OutPost, we thought there was no better time to clue you in on the reasons why they’re so great!

Insulated Log Cabins

insulated cabin advantages

Whether you’re using your log cabin for your business/work, as an entertainment room or for relaxation purposes, insulation is highly advisable. 

Insulated wooden buildings can give you a warm and cosy garden room during the cold winter months, as well as a place that offers a cool, refreshing and comfortable ambience during the often sizzling summers. Moreover, insulated log cabins can even offer fantastic benefits to your physical and mental health.

Spending time in an excellently built wooden structure, surrounded by your garden, will surely soothe your mind and relax your body. In addition, an insulated structure is very effective in reducing the consumption of energy, also lessening any environmental consequences in the process.

Lets take a look at some of the advantages of owning an insulated log cabin. 

Why You Need an Insulated Log Cabin

Insulated Cabin Advantages #1: Natural Insulating Properties

insulated cabin advantages

As we mentioned earlier, wood has impressive insulating properties which prevent the transfer of heat between a log cabin interior and the external environment. This means that when the temperature outside dips, the heat from the interior of the insulated cabin structure will remain.

Furthermore, there’s only a minimal transfer of heat from the interior of the cabin to the external environment, keeping the temperature inside much warmer than the weather conditions outside. Insulated log cabins have much lower requirements for heating equipment like heaters too. This means that the consumption of energy is reduced.

In contrast, traditionally constructed cabins tend to be poor conductors of electricity. Because of this, fighting heat loss while trying to obtain room temperature can be an uphill battle.

Insulated Cabin Advantages #2: Health Benefits

In terms of physical health and mental wellbeing, insulated log cabins have plenty of health benefits to offer! Not only do they provide a brilliant environment for relaxing and de-stressing, but they can also keep your body temperature at a comfortable level. A log cabin structure provides a peaceful and quiet environment, as they’re generally situated within a garden, and away from noise which would otherwise be disturbing for you.

Imagine being surrounded by a natural environment while letting a feeling of calm and serenity wash over yourself. Reduced noise gives you a calm mind, and can act as a natural remedy to mental health issues such as anxiety and stress.

Insulated Cabin Advantages #3: Cost-Efficient

Insulated log cabins are much cheaper to maintain, making them a highly cost-efficient garden building. If good quality timber is used for the construction of these log cabins, such as the European sourced timber used on the OutPost, then the overall structure is guaranteed to last for years to come, and would only require a low level of maintenance.

Thanks to the properties of insulation, the requirement for heaters is reduced and as a result, energy bills are significantly lessened.

Low energy consumption also means that the environmental impact of an insulated log cabin is much lower, resulting in lower emission of pollutants into the air, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Insulated Cabin Advantages #4: Low Humidity Levels

When your cabin is insulated, this guarantees your garden building is highly resistant against the external climatic conditions. Moreover, a well insulated building has much lower internal humidity levels, which ensures that the objects inside remain protected, resulting in a longer lifespan while at the same time, reducing any maintenance costs which would otherwise be incurred.

Tip: We suggest investing a little extra to add roof gutters. Not only are they easy to install, but they also do a great job in keeping your log cabin dry, ensuring it’ll last longer. If there aren’t any leakages found and the roof is fully secured, your cabin will retain more warmth throughout the winter, keeping it cosy inside, even when it’s chilly outdoors.

Insulated Cabin Advantages: Things to Consider

insulated cabin advantages

If you’re still debating whether to opt for an insulated log cabin like the Outpost, or its uninsulated counterpart, then think about what and how you’re planning to use your garden building. Then, use this information to decide at what points in the year your cabin will get the most/least use, in order to get the maximum benefit from your garden building.

For instance, if you want to use your log cabin as a garden office, then it naturally needs to be warm enough during the winter months, so as to not create an uncomfortable working environment.

Garden buildings, including log cabins, can also offer greater creative freedom. Other than garden offices, you can get adventurous when it comes to designing the look of your cabin interior. Thus, with proper insulation, your cabin can be the perfect working environment, games/entertainment room, or simply a haven of relaxation.

Most garden buildings are typically designed with double glazing – just the like log cabin collection from Garden Buildings Direct! A double glazed building does a great job of retaining heat, keeping the roof, floor and walls fully effective in the process. 

Your chosen wall thickness will also have a significant impact on insulation value as well. Our experts recommend considering insulation if you have either 44mm or 70mm timber walls. This will guarantee you comfort and cosiness while using your log cabin in the winter, all while reducing your energy costs.

So, when purchasing a log cabin, keep a close eye out for design specifications.

One Last Tip!

insulated cabin advantages

Make your log cabin feel warmer by adding rugs to keep the floor extra warm, as well as blankets and cushions for additional cosiness. These final touches, combined with high-quality insulation, will be sure to keep you and your guests warm throughout the winter months.

Dim lighting, alongside candles, add a further chic yet vibrant aesthetic. Meanwhile, some wonderfully bright colours, such as gold, orange, red, will finish off the overall look of the log cabin by adding warmth and style.

The Outpost insulated building starts at just £6,289. Shop for it here today!

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