10 Ways You're Breaking The Law In Your Garden with man in vest holding card for police mugshot

10 Ways You’re Probably Breaking The Law in Your Garden

If you don’t want to become an unwitting criminal due to something as small as property disputes or even trimming the wrong trees then check out this guide! Experts have claimed that thousands of British gardeners could be at risk of breaking the law. And all due to not knowing some basic gardening laws. That’s why below,…

How to Dismantle a Shed – A Handy Guide

Although it might seem like a difficult task, dismantling your garden shed can actually be an easy process. When you dismantle a shed, there are some key points to bear in mind, though. That’s why we came up with this step-by-step guide to dismantling a shed. Key takeaways when dismantling a shed: Remove any windows first….

The Carpenter's Daughter building a shed base on gravel

How to Build a Shed Base on a Slope

When building your garden shed it’s always better to place it onto even ground. However, if that’s not an option you have, there are plenty of different ways to resolve this. Building your shed on uneven ground can cause problems in the installation process, so the easiest way to fix this is to level the…

Garden Building Planning Permission with rolls of architectural plans

Planning Permission For Your Garden Building

Will your garden building need planning permission? No matter if it’s for a log cabin, summerhouse, a garden shed or child’s playhouse, your garden building may be subject to planning regulations. Although gaining planning permission isn’t always necessary. In this quick guide we’ll walk you through all the rules and regs. When putting a garden building…

Guide to vermicomposting with compost pile

A Guide to Vermicomposting

With the whole world becoming more conscious about waste and everything from allotment to greenhouse gardening seeing a huge revival – compost is king. But you don’t have to work alone. With the help of some wriggly little friends, you can have a finished material that’s waste and money-saving as well as environmentally friendly and…

How to make plants survive winter with frozen leaves

How To Prepare Your Plants To Survive Winter

Winter is a bit of a nightmare for gardeners – cold weather, frost, and less sunlight. That’s why, in this quick guide we’ll show you how you can prepare plants, flowers, and crops to survive winter, either outdoors or in a greenhouse. Preparation For Winter In preparation for the colder weather that the cold months…

fun facts about sheds banner with garden buildings direct logo and cartoon shed stood on a green hill

Fun Facts About Sheds (Infographic)

If you or the children want to know some fun facts about sheds, then you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the internet and scratched our brains to bring you a ‘fun facts about sheds’ infographic and quiz! Check it all out, below! Fun Shed Facts (Infographic) More fun facts about sheds And if you liked…